Urfi Javed Husband, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Biography & More

Urfi Javed Husband, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Biography & More


Urfi Javed Pic

Profession Actress
Famous For Her eccentric and daring attire

Urfi bold and bizarre outfits is for Famous

Physical Stats or More
 Height 155 cm
1.55 m
in feet & inches– 5’ 1”
Figure Measurements (guess) 33-25-34
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Black
Debut TV: Tedi Medi Family 2015
Web Series: Puncch Beat 2 [2021]
Personal Life
Date of Birth 15 October 1996
Age (as of 2023) 27 Years
Birthplace Lucknow
Zodiac sign Libra
Nationality Indian
Hometown Lucknow
School Lucknow’s City Montessori School
College/University Lucknow’s Amity University
Educational Qualification Gaining a Mass Communication degree
Religious Views Urfi is not a believer in Islam. As stated in her interview,

“To be very honest, I have never believed in Islam and I don’t believe it now. I think that many aspects of Islam are quite backward, but this is also true of other religions. Some people are falling behind because faiths are not keeping up with the rapid changes in the world. People’s resistance to change is the primary cause of the generation gap. The idea that Islam permits four marriages bothers me. I believe it was best that triple talaq was outlawed”

She objects to the limitations placed on women in the name of religion. Says she,

“I don’t understand why there are numerous Islamic beliefs that dictate women should wear burkhas and remain hidden behind pardas. It’s okay if a female chooses to participate voluntarily. It is improper to impose one’s will on others”
She was very clear in saying that she would never wed a Muslim man. She says,
“I’m a teenage Muslim. Muslims are the ones that send me the majority of their hate mail. They claim that by me, Islam is being maligned. They despise me because Muslim males demand specific behaviors from their wives. All the ladies in the community are to be under their supervision. This is the reason I don’t believe in Islam. They troll me because I don’t follow their religious expectations for how I should behave.”

Tattoos On her left ribs, she has a tattoo of feathers

Urfi Javed tattoo on her left ribcage.

Controversies • She accused casting director Obed Afridi of taking advantage of young models in a string of Instagram posts that she posted. She said that she was not paid by Obed for her labor. She went so far as to claim that Obed sexually harassed girls in return for modeling jobs. She said that five separate girls had made similar claims and shared screenshots of the chats. Celebrities who posted tales in favor of Urfi included Priyank Sharma, Nikita Bhamidipati, and Arushi Handa.
Urfi Javed Controversy Against Obed
• In November 2022, Chetan Bhagat referenced Urfi Javed’s name in a speech at a literary event hosted by a media outlet, claiming that young people were spending a lot of time on Instagram. Says, “The phone has proven to be a fantastic diversion for young people, particularly boys, who may spend hours just scrolling through Instagram Reels. Everyone is aware of Urfi Javed. How are you going to use her pictures? Will it come up in your examinations, or will you go to a job interview and claim to know every clothing she wears? One young person is defending our country in Kargil, while another young person is seeing Uorfi Javed’s pictures while hiding under their blankets”Later, Urfi Javed attacked the author on Instagram, writing, “Men such as him would rather admit their shortcomings than ever place the blame on the ladies. You sickos out there, quit supporting the culture of rape. It is very 1980s, Mr. Chetan Bhagat, to hold men’s behavior responsible for what they wear.”• In October 2023, Urfi Javed was criticized by a large number of online users for working with businessman Raj Kundra after getting into a brawl with him. Raj Kundra was originally called an “Adult King” by Urfi, who made fun of her attire choices while performing a stand-up routine. Urfi issued a message on Instagram in response to Raj Kundra’s remarks, saying,

I apologize for not being sorry, king (sic). Dosron ko nanga kar k paise kamane wala ab meri kapdo pe remark karega.”

However, roughly two days following this occurrence, Urfi declared her partnership with Raj Kundra. Users quickly responded negatively to Urfi’s decision.

• For Halloween in 2023, Urfi Javed dressed up as Rajpal Yadav’s character “Chhota Pandit” from the movie “Bhool Bhulaiyaa.” However, several internet users criticized her costume, claiming it was insulting and offensive to Hindus’ religious feelings. Urfi expressed her opinions on Instagram in reaction to this criticism, stressing that flowers, incense sticks, and colors are not associated with any one faith. She further disclosed that as a result of her costume choice, she had received multiple threats, including ones threatening her life and rape.
Urfi Javeds death threats

• On November 3, 2023, Urfi Javed gained notoriety after a video of her appeared online and went viral. She was being arrested by Mumbai police in the video, and when she asked why she was being held, the officers raised concerns about her outfit—a backless red shirt and denim jeans. After telling her to raise her concerns at the police station, the officials led her to a police car. Many others surmised that she might have staged the video as a joke when it went viral online.

Urfi Pranked and got Arrested by Police
The Mumbai police filed a complaint against Urfi Javed and others under IPC Sections 171, 419, 500, and 34 on the same day that they made public her fictitious arrest video via a post on X. Urfi Javed got arrested. The article made it clear that the car was seized and the fictitious inspector shown in the video was later taken into custody. Afterward, during an interrogation, a police official revealed that Urfi had given the three people posing as police officers in the video each Rs. 1,000. Additionally, she gave the production manager Rs. 2,000 in exchange for getting these people to be in the video.

Urfi paid the production manager Rs. 2,000

Relationships & More
Marital Status Unmarried
Affairs-Boyfriends She was romantically involved with Paras Kalnawat. On the TV show Meri Durga’s sets, they got to know one another. 2017 saw their breakup. When asked about Paras during an interview, Urfi responded,

Within a month of our relationship, I wanted to end it. He was young. He was incredibly conceited. He attempted to win me over once more by getting three tattoos of my name, but who does that when they’ve broken up? I was not going to see him again for the tattoos alone. I wouldn’t have, even if my name was tattooed all over his body.”

Paras Kalnawat the Urfi's boyfriend

Husband/Spouse Not Married Yet
Parents Father– Ifru Javed
Mother– Zakiya Sultana
Siblings Brother
• Sameer Aslam
• Asfi Javed
• Dolly Javed
• Urusa JavedUrfi Javed with her siblings

Urfi Javed Bold PhotoShoot

Some Un-Known Facts About Urfi Javed

  • Urfi Javed is an Indian actress and social media influencer well-known for her daring wardrobe choices and open communication on the internet. She has become well-known for her distinctive style and support of body positivity.
  • Indian TV actress and model Urfi Javed is well-known for her daring and unusual wardrobe choices.

    Urfi Javed’s bold outfits

  • On social media, she frequently receives trolling for her extravagant attire.
    Urfi Javed Comments on Instagram posts
    She trolls on Instagram. Comments
  • In the patriarchal city of Lucknow, she was raised in a traditional household. She said in an interview that only men were permitted to make decisions in her household and that girls were not permitted to voice their opinions on any topic. Says she,

    I was raised in Lucknow and never understood why I couldn’t wear a specific way. I experienced physical and psychological torture; I even considered suicide, but in that instant, I chose to give life another go. I took off for Delhi. At most, I was 17. I started paying tuition in order to sustain myself. I later began working in a contact center. I soon made up my mind to travel to Mumbai and try my luck. I used to stay at my friends’ houses because I was poor and had nowhere to reside. I performed odd jobs, conducted interviews, and conducted casting calls.

  • Someone posted her photos on an Adult website during her first year of college. She claims that without allowing her to explain, her father began assaulting her physically and mentally and that all hell broke loose.
  • Urfi Javed claimed that as a result of her father’s patriarchal beliefs, she fled the misogynistic atmosphere of her house. She moved to Delhi with her two sisters in tow, leaving her mother and her other two siblings behind.
  • She recalled how long it took her to barely survive after leaving her house when asked this question during an interview. She says,

    In Delhi, I spent a week staying in a park. Then the three of us went job hunting. I was hired by a contact center. After my father remarried, my sisters and I were left to handle all of the family’s responsibilities.”

  • She was a Delhi-based fashion designer’s assistant before going into show business.
  • She traveled to Mumbai for a job interview, which did not go well for her. Nevertheless, she lingered and did more auditions because she loved acting. In less than three months in 2015, she was cast in the TV series Tedi Medi Family.
  • Afterwards, she performed in many shows, including Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (2020), Bepannaah (2018), and Chandra Nandini (2016–17).
  • She became a competitor in the Bigg Boss OTT house in 2021. Her time on Bigg Boss was, however, short-lived as she was ousted from the competition after just seven days.
    Urfi javed is with Biggboss OTT’s host Karan Johar
    Urfi Javed is with Biggboss OTT’s host Karan Johar
  • Urfi claims that after being kicked off Bigg Boss in less than a week, she began experimenting with the one thing she was good at—clothing.
  • She made her web series debut as Meera in Punch Beat 2 in 2021.
  • Additionally, she has appeared in several Punjabi music videos, including Befikra (2022), Crazy (2022), and Chat Sohniye (2021).
  • Due to her last name, many began to assume that she was Javed Akhtar’s grandchild during her time on Bigg Boss OTT. Javed Akhtar’s wife Shabana Azmi clarified via Twitter that the two are unrelated.
  • In an interview, Urfi made an effort to refute the rumors. She says,

    Simply because my name is Urfi Javed, people have concocted tales. However, he was never connected to me in any manner. All of this is just a ploy to make him look bad by linking the dispute about my attire to him. However, how is it even pertinent? What’s wrong with his own grandchild wearing anything she wants to wear? For what reason is he being blamed for that?”

  • She took advantage of the chance to accessorize her airport attire. She was decked up in a white t-shirt that read, “Not Javed Akhtar’s Granddaughter.”


    Urfi Javed Spotted on Airport in new Outfit
    Urfi Javed Spotted on Airport in New Outfit
  • She has also been spotted wearing attire resembling those of Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, two well-known celebrities in Hollywood.


    Urfi Copies Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid's Outfit
    Urfi Copies Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid’s Outfit
  • It seems that Urfi was meant to collaborate with his former partner Paras Kalnawat on the highly acclaimed series Anupama on Star Plus Channel. Subsequently, she revealed in an interview that her former partner obstructed her chances and requested the team not to cast her. She says,

    I believe Anupamaa was the one show that we were meant to collaborate on. He asked that I not be cast in the play, as did the creative director and everyone else. He would ask the team to not cast me if there was even the remotest possibility that I would be in the show. Since it seems like his current or former girlfriend would not approve of it.”

  • During an interview, Urfi disclosed that she frequently receives feedback from directors stating that her face is too innocent to be a TV lead. She said,

    I keep hearing from casting directors that I don’t have the kind of innocent face needed to be a TV star. I only get cast in bad roles. Another issue with leads is that, after years of playing a role that is similar to one’s own, they get so overexposed that finding new work becomes challenging, even after they leave the program. This isn’t an issue with parallel leads, though. I don’t chase after leads, but it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to play one,”

  • She appeared as a guest on Bigg Boss OTT 2 in 2023, wearing a leather skirt and a bralette with highlighted screws.
    Urfi Javed Poses on entering Bigg Boss OTT 2 house
    Urfi Javed Poses on entering Bigg Boss OTT 2 house
  • The 700-verse Hindu text known as the Bhagavad Gita has frequently been seen being carried by Urfi Javed while on the road. She revealed in an interview that she is curious about this religion and would like to learn more about its logical implications to reduce extremism in her life.
  • Urfi occasionally indulges in alcoholic beverages.

    Urfi Javed drinking at her birthday Celebration
    Urfi Javed drinking at her birthday Celebration
  • Following her sister Urusa Javed’s social media image post in October 2023, there were rumors that Urfi and her fiancé were engaged. The image, shared on Urusa’s Instagram story, showed Urfi performing a puja with an unidentified man, whose face was hidden under a heart emoji. However, Urfi has not responded to the rumors that are circulating.

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