Saad-Ur-Rehman Height, Age, Girlfriend, Family, Biography & More

Saad-Ur-Rehman Height, Age, Girlfriend, Family, Biography & More

Saad Ur Rehman Biography


Date of Birth Dec 21, 1997
Age 26 Years
Birth Place Lahore, Pakistan
Residence Karachi, Pakistan
Country Pakistan


Profession YouTuber
Education Pass out from High School Studies in Bahria Town School
Father Prof Dr Zulfiqar Habib

ducky bhai father

Mother (will update soon as it gattered)

Mother Of Saad-Ur-Reman(Ducky Bhai)

Nationality Pakistani
Siblings Muneeb
Brother Muneeb

ducky bhai brother muneeb

Zia Habib

ducky bhai brother name Zia habib

Religion Islam
Wife Aroob Jatoi

ducky bhai wife Photo by UFFAHH

Horoscope Sagittarius
Weight 90+
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Net Worth $ 22M – $ 135M
Category Youtube-Trading


  1. He was nominated for the 1st Pakistan International Screen Awards and won the award for Youtuber of the Year 2021.
  2. He was nominated for the 2nd Pakistan International Screen Awards and won the award for Youtuber of the Year for the second time in 2022.

Is Ducky Bhai Got Golden Visa?

Saad-ur-Rehman (Ducky Bhai) got golden visa by United Arab Emirates Officials for investing 10 million Darham. On getting Golden Visa he was very exited. He dedicated his succes to his followers. He said, “I am nothing without my fans, I love ❤ them so much and they loves me Usually”.

Personal Profile About Saad Ur Rehman

A well-known Pakistani YouTuber, Vlogger, roaster, comedian, and online gamer, Ducky Bhai was born on Sunday, December 21, 1997, in Lahore. Ducky Bhai is his true name. The YouTuber Ducky Bhai is well known for making fun of other YouTubers, TikTokers, and famous people. Ducky is well-known for his fights with Shahmeer Abbas Shah and YouTuber Sham Idrees, a Pakistani-born Canadian. After a string of aggressive and nasty films were directed at each other, they later made up. Fans can learn about Ducky Bhai’s age, lifestyle, education, and even his wife on this page. On hitting 6 million followers he cut ✂️ off his hairs or beard to encourage his audience. Because he said in his last video he will clean-shaven if he his near 6 million followers on YouTube.

Roasting is Ducky Bhai’s area of expertise on YouTube. He lives in Lahore and has 3.5 million YouTube followers. Additionally, he posts only gaming videos on Ducky Extra and has a gaming channel with 2 million subscribers. Since Ducky Bhai and Aroob Jatoi recently got engaged, it is now possible to refer to Ducky Bhai’s wife as a YouTuber. She started a new channel and gained 100,000 subscribers in just 11 hours. As one of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube performers, Ducky Bhai’s revenue may astound you. Forbes, Business Insider, and Wikipedia all estimate Ducky Bhai’s net worth to be $6.42 million.
Fans of Ducky Bhai can also view his photographs; the biography of Ducky Bhai contains all the pertinent information about him. Muneeb is Ducky Bhai’s brother. He is the younger brother of Ducky Bhai.

Saad-ur-Rehman at performing Umrah
Saad-ur-Rehman performing Umrah with his wife

Saad-Ur-Rehman(Ducky-Bhai) Detailed Biography


Ducky Bhai Wife

  • Aroob Jatoi is the name of YouTuber Saad-ur-Rehman’s wife. He goes by Ducky Bhai. Aroob and Ducky Bhai had their first interaction on April 12, 2018, and four years later, on April 12, 2022, they got engaged.

Age of Ducky Bhai

  • The Ducky will be 27 years old in 2024

Marriage Date and Place of Ducky Bhai

  • Ducky Bhai got married on 12 April 2022.

Ducky Bhai Career

  • Ducky Bhai began her career by creating videos for YouTube, where she quickly rose to popularity.

How Much Ducky Bhai’s Net Worth

  • Given that Ducky Bhai has chosen to maintain his financial privacy, it is impossible to confirm whether his reported net worth of $6.42 million is accurate. His estimated yearly income is about $1.61 million, and since he began his YouTube career in 2017 he has earned over $26.75 million. Known for his success on YouTube since 2017, Ducky Bhai is a well-known YouTuber from Pakistan whose videos receive an average of 1.5 million daily views.

What is the age of Saad ur Rehman?

  • Saad ur Rehman’s age is 26 Years, his date of birth is Dec 21, 1997, horoscope Sagittarius, place of birth Lahore, Pakistan, nationality as Pakistani, and residence Karachi, Pakistan.

What is the Profession of Saad ur Rehman?

  • Saad ur Rehman is an Pakistani YouTuber by profession.

Who is Saad ur Rehman’s wife?

  • Saad ur Rehman’s wife or spouse’s name is Aroob Jatoi.

Who is Saad ur Rehman’s Parents?

  • Saad ur Rehman’s father’s name is His father was Japanese but his name is Prof Dr. Zulfiqar Habib and his mother’s name (will update soon).

Who is Saad ur Rehman’s siblings?

  • Saad ur Rehman siblings name is Muneeb.

What is the net worth of Saad ur Rehman?

  • Saad ur Rehman net worth is $ 225K – $ 1.35M from Youtube channel.

What is Saad ur Rehman’s education?

  • Saad ur Rehman completed his high school studies at Bahria Town School.

What is the height and weight of Saad ur Rehman?

  • Saad ur Rehman’s height is 5 feet 6 inches and weight 77.

Ducky Bhai Death?

  • No, Ducky bhai has not died he is alive and happy in life.

What is the real name of Ducky Bhai?

The real name of Ducky Bhai is Saad-ur-Rehman.

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